May 26, 2006

As May winds down here at we want to thank each and every person that has made John’s new radio station on a huge success! You guys are amazing! The show is getting great reviews and we have just recently launched the Archive or Best of John Corabi Radio on, which plays each show that John does back to back, so you can listen with no repeats all day long. John is continuing to add the site, and do new shows just about every other day!

We also want to thank all of you for your feedback on the show and the songs that John is playing! The songs that have gotten the most votes are “I Don’t Care” from the Scream, and “Shine” from Union’s Blue Room! and IFrogz have been great to us, getting this monster off the ground, and we are looking for great things to come out of this!

If you haven’t checked out the “STORE” on yet, then you better get over there! The JC Logo shirts are available, along with John’s own design novelty shirt! The thing that gets me is that people don’t get it right away, they have to say it out loud three or four times first, and if that doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will! We have both the Dixie Shirt and the JC logo in M, L, XL, as well as ladies versions of each, we wanted everyone to be happy!

John has been busy writing, and recording a few things here and there. We hope to make some announcements about who might be involved in the band very soon! Crab has also been working with an all-star AC/DC cover band as of late with friends Brent Woods and Robbie Crane. The reaction has been great, and John is having a good time just playing guitar. You will be able to check out his singing talents again soon when the Motley Tribute hits later this year, and on a new UFO tribute that is in the works. There may be a live CD coming from one of the bands that John has been performing with this year as well, we will keep you posted on that!

Keep checking the site for new tour dates with Ratt coming up this year, and of course for the latest news on John’s new projects and band! We will have it here first!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to hit the STORE, get your shirts before they are gone!




May 1, 2006

John Corabi Radio Launches On is proud to announce the launch of John Corabi Radio on Today marks the debut of John Corabi’s new online radio station. John is breaking some new ground by taking to the airwaves! John Corabi Radio plays all things rock! From Classic Rock to Modern Rock, you will hear it all! The song is king on John Corabi Radio and you will hear some of the best music of all time. John’s shows are pre-recorded, and new shows will be uploaded several times a week. We will also have an archive station that will allow you to listen to all the shows aired consecutively.

The station is in its infancy, and your support will be what helps it grow. We are constructing a new page on that will focus on music news and things that John Corabi Radio will feature. We hope to have a “request line” as well very soon.

John Corabi Radio is being sponsored by iFrogz, which are a great way to personalize and protect your iPod. We would like to thank for giving us the opportunity to launch this new radio station. The music and the music community are the focus for, and we here at are happy to be working with them.


March 28, 2006


The first John Corabi T-shirts are now available on the MERCH page! We have the JC Logo shirts for girls and guys, and we also have the “Dixie” shirts available, also with a girls and guys format! Get your order in now, these shirts will go fast! There are also a very limited number of CD’s available, so if you still haven’t gotten Uncovered or Screamin’ Live this is going to be your last chance!

John has just finished his run in Destin, FL, and is now going to be working on his first solo single. He is also busy writing in Nashville, it looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of new material from John through out the year, and well into next year.

ESP To Play Australia –

ESP will finally be making it down to Australia. The project has been in the works for some time, and the dates are finally posted. They are as follows:

April 19, 2006 – The Prince of Wales, Melbourne
April, 21, 2006 – The Marquee, Sydney
April 22, 2006 – The Marquee, Sydney (date on hold)

The now familiar line up will be Eric Singer (drums and vocals), John Corabi (guitars and vocals), Bruce Kulick (guitars and vocals), and Chuck Garric (bass and vocals). Corabi will have some shirts available for sale, but in limited numbers! If you don’t get them at the show, check back here on the MERCH page!



March 7, 2006

Hello again all! Here we are a month later, and again a bunch of stuff to update you all on! Please check out the Picture page of this site, we have added more photos and galleries. Phil Ryan has contributed some great shots and he now has his own gallery up, and we added to the Cardboard Vampyres gallery with some great shots from The Galaxy in California.

Word of mouth is the most important thing to this site and getting the John Corabi name out there right now. So we are asking you to pass the word along to everyone you know about John and the amazing voice and songs that he gives us. Look for some new material in the next couple of months, the first new material from John Corabi in years! We will keep you posted.

John Corabi To Appear At Indy Kiss Expo –

John will make an appearance at the Indianapolis Kiss Expo on March 11th. He will be signing autographs and will debut his new T-shirt line!! John will have his new JC Logo shirts for both men and women, and his new custom T-Shirt that he wore at the ESP shows in Japan. Called the Dixie shirt, the design will definitely get a laugh!

Corabi Now To Front Hookers & Blow In San Destin, FL –

We have already told you that John will be performing with Dizzy Reed’s band Hookers & Blow in San Destin, but now due to rehearsals with G’N’R Dizzy will not be able to make the trip. The band will play on, and John Corabi will be holding down the stage all night for two weeks straight! So if you are in the area make sure that you get out and catch the shows! Starting March 13th and going until March 27th every night at Rum Runners. John will also have his new T-shirts available in San Destin.

Burn Magazine UK Featuring Corabi Clips And Reviews –

Burn Magazine UK is a big supporter of John, and last months issue featured a Union interview from their recent trip to Europe. This month Burn did a review of our exclusive Uncovered CD, and of the Union DVD “Do Your Own Thing”. You can see the online review of Uncovered at:

Corabi Interviewed On WRQC Ft. Myers, FL –

John did an interview for Jax Hairball on WRQC in Ft. Myers, FL. The interview will air in five parts, each night this week. Jax Hairball is on from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM every week night on WRQC 92.5 FM in Ft. Myers. The show features new music from artists from our favorite genre, not just the “classics”.

You can also find another interview with John on




February 1, 2006

Hello again everyone, sorry about the delay in updates here, but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes in Corabi land, so sometimes it is hard for me to keep up. As always I will remind you that if you haven’t picked up copies of John Corabi Uncovered or Screamin’ Live 1992 yet, your time is running out. Check our Merch page above for more info!!

Here we go!

Ratt To Play Walker, MN

Ratt will be playing a couple of shows this month on February 17th and 18th in Walker, MN at the Northern Lights Casino. So if you guys are lucky enough to be in the area please get out and check out the shows!!!!

ESP Performing In Tokyo

After the shows with Ratt, John will be packing up and heading to Japan for a few days, where he will be performing with ESP (Eric Singer Project) in Tokyo on February 25th and 26th at the Kiss Mini Expo and Live Vol. 3. The band will feature the lineup of Eric Singer (drums & vocals), Bruce Kulick (guitar & vocals), Chuck Garric (bass & vocals), and of course John Corabi (guitar & vocals) Special guests will include Bob Kulick and Richie Scarlett.

New Interviews

John has been busy doing several interviews over this past month, including one for that is now posted. Thanks again to Vladimir for inquiring about the interview!!!!

There is another interview posted on MySpace-

Check them both out! We have more on the way!

MySpace Pages And Crab Gumbo

As most of you know by now, John has been posting regular blogs on his MySpace profile (a direct link can be found on the Links page), called Crab Gumbo! Your comments are very important to John, and he has loved all the feedback that you guys have been leaving, so thank you and keep it up!! We have also launched John’s new music page on MySpace, and the link to that site can be found on his main MySpace profile. We will be adding more content to that page in the coming weeks. Thanks to Lora for doing such a great job on both pages!!

John To Perform In Sandestin, FL During Spring Break

John Corabi will be joining his friends in Hookers N’ Blow (Dizzy Reed – G N’ R, Alex Grossi – ex-Quiet Riot, Beautiful Creatures, Troy Patrick – White Lion, and Scottie Griffin – Dog Days) for two weeks worth of shows at Rum Runners in Sandestin, FL from March 13th to March 27th. So anyone that can afford to take a little time off, and feels like subjecting themselves to a little Spring Break madness please get out to some of the shows!

John Corabi Taking Part In New Motley Crue Tribute

As you may have read now for some time, John will be contributing to an upcoming Motley Crue tribute. He is doing a new rendition of “Home Sweet Home”, which started out as a simple acoustic arrangement much like Motley performed on the ’94 tour. But the track has become something quite a bit more epic. John is very excited about the arrangement, and he is currently finishing the recording. A few guests may appear on the track, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet!

In addition to John’s performance, this will be the first Motley tribute to feature songs from the ’94 CD. As a matter of fact, three songs from John’s days with the band will appear, “Hooligan’s Holiday”, “Power To The Music”, and “Misunderstood” which will feature John on background vocals. More info to come!



Hey Everybody,

Well I just wanted to thank all of you for signing up here at
Your response has been overwhelming!!! Almost the entire first run of The Scream Live c.d., and the "covers" c.d. have been purchased. My manager said he may even order more....GOD, I HATE TO ADMIT HE WAS RIGHT!!!!! But thank you again....I'll deal with his inflated ego later!!! Also, the mailing list is GROWING at an alarming pace, and know....Thank you, "Gracias", Tack, Arigato....How many ways can I say this.....You Guys ROCK....!!! I'm going to be finished with my book soon, and I've been doing some writing with a few "FRIENDS".!! Its really an exciting time right now and I can't wait to see what 2006 has in store for all of us....Now I know this isn't a "Save the Sperm Whale or Plug the hole in the Ozone" foundation, but I do appreciate your support and hard work...Keep it up, and tell your friends to sign the mailing list.....

Thanx again


Happy Holidays and Thank you!!!!

Hey Gang,
I just wanted to take a second and say I hope all of you had a great holiday, and PLEASE be safe over the New Years celebrations!!! I want to Thank all of you so-o-o-o much for adding me to your friends lists, and for signing up on I've never been one to mince words or kiss ass, so I'm going to explain my intentions for this....I'm going to need YOUR HELP!!! I've decicded to approach things with my music this next year a bit differently. I've been so caught up focusing on the "big prize" that I lost sight of the greater picture. I've been trying to focus on what I thought a "record company" would want from me, and forgot about the reason why I started playing music in the first place....CAUSE I LOVE IT!!!! All kinds of music.... Not just whats in ROTATION on M.T.V., or your local radio station, but just music that kicks me in the ass!!! Fuck "wheres the hook", or "i don't get the lyrics",...Just good old fashion, music that makes us close our eyes,lose ourselves and interpret the song, so we each get our own INDIVIDUAL meaning from it!!!! I mean I STILL don't know what John Lennon was talking about, when he sang "sitting on a corn flake", or what inspired "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin...You know what I mean.. I"ve seen people like Annie DiFranco, and this new band in England right now, who is huge, because of MY SPACE, and you guys, flip off the system and say fuck you!!!! And I respect that. Tommy Lee is doing the same now with his new record. There is no record label involved, so T does what he wants ( love or hate him) and you get the record ALOT cheaper!!!! (what a concept) I want to try some new things, and play EVERYWHERE...I wanna try and keep the politics as far away as possible, and just be ...I dunno.....Artistic???? Give it a thought, and let me know what you think. If you know anyone that would be into helping out and signing up for an email address list, tell them to go to ........ or add me to their friends list here. Sorry if I took up too much of your time, but I appreciate your listening!!!!

Peace gang


Hey everybody,
Well one week till the "fat guy" in the funny red suit comes to visit!!! I hope all you kiddies have been good. You know what happens if you weren't. You get a big bag of coal, A pile of reindeer shit in your living room, possibly even Lime disease if you get too close to them little Bastards...ugh! AND all of your friggin cookies that you spent days baking are eaten...So my advice to you is....GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!! You've got one week. Thats plenty of time. Go save a tree, or a cat ...SOMETHING!!!! THINK PEOPLE!!!!This is important....A friggin' G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip is at stake here!!! Anyway you get the idea. Now also make sure the chimney is clean, and if your wife and/or girlfriend
> has left any of those "FUNNY ADULT TOYS" laying around, you may wanna put those away as well. Last year, one of those psycho little elves, shoved a pocket rocket in Blitzen's ass and flipped the friggin sleigh...what a mess??? Anyway I gotta go, I just wanted to thank everybody for checking out the website and signing up for the mailing list. Have a great holiday, and be safe.....especially on X-mas eve....You try driving under a sleigh, with eight reindeer....whew!!!!

Peace Gang


Japan Kiss Expos 2006

John will be attending the Japanese Kiss Expos of 2006 in February. It will be a two day event packed with special guests and live performances.

On Saturday February 25, 2006 ESP will perform featuring John, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, and Chuck Garric. The fans will also be treated to special appearances by Bob Kulick and the Richie Scarlet Band. The Kiss Dolls will also be on hand.

On Sunday February 26, 2006 ESP will do a second show, again joined by Bob Kulick and the Richie Scarlet Band. Kuku Hole will also appear.

The Expos open to the fans at 12:30 PM. For more information please go to:



On behalf of John Corabi and all of us involved with this website, we would like to welcome you, and thank you for stopping by. This is the official site for all John Corabi news, merchandise, and anything else concerning John. John will be posting messages here on a regular basis, as well as updates on what is currently going on with him and all of his music endeavors. The page has been a long time in the making, and we are proud to finally have the site up and running.

Our goal here is to offer the most complete and accurate information that is available straight from John. We will also feature official John Corabi merchandise available for the first time anywhere. This page is a work in progress, so items will be added on a regular basis.

We would like to state that recently it was discovered that a MySpace account was opened in John’s name by an impersonator. This will be the only site, for the moment, with any postings from John. We do apologize to anyone that had contact with the impersonator, for the confusion.

Please enjoy the site, check back regularly as new items and features will be added often.


November 11th, 2005